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Valium (Diazepam)

Molar mass: 284.7 g/mol
CAS ID: 439-14-5
Formula: C16H13ClN2O
Bioavailability: 76% (64–97%) by mouth, 81% (62–98%) rectal
Excretion: Kidney
Elimination half-life: (50 hours); 20–100 hours (36–200 hours for main active metabolite desmethyldiazepam)


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Valium is the brand name for medicinal drug Diazepam which belongs to a class of drugs know as benzodiazepins. It is used to treat seizures, anxiety and alcohol withdrawal. Doctors also use Diazepam to relieve muscle spasms and provide sedation before medical procedures. Diazepam works in the body by calming nerves in the brain. You can personally buy valium online for alcohol withdrawal. But, it is important to know what you are buying. So, pill identification is important.

What does it look like?

Best valium available is the 10 mg tablet. It is round in shape, blue in color and has imprint, 10 VALIUM / ROCHE. Be that as it ma be, other doese are also available. the 2 mg Tablet is white in color, round in shape and has imprint 2 VALIUM / ROCHE ROCHE. Then the 5 mg Tablet is yellow in color, round in shape and carries imprint 5 VALIUM / ROCHE. More info about Diazepam on Wikipedia .

Side Effects Of Valium

As helpful as this medication may be, side effects may arise due to abuse or wrong diagnoses. Some of these effects include drowsiness, tiredness, blurred vision, dizziness and many others. However if you experience any of this, then report to a Doctor or pharmacist.

To avoid some of these effects it is important to inform your doctor if you are allergic to some other medicines or the Diazepalm itself. This drug may contain ingredients which can cause allergic reaction and other problems. Thus, your medical history should be explained to your Doctor in details.

Be that as it may be, when we sell Diazepam in either blisters or bottles, we provide leaf notes for our patients. So when you buy diazepam online from Melano Pharmacy do take time to read about it before administering it. Buy valium cheap online now by adding this product to cart, feeling your shipping information and then sending payment.



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